Use this recovery form to provide recapture information when you find a SPC tag.
When the tag is removed, be sure none of it remains inside the fish!

After submitting the form, you will be contacted by email to arrange the paiement of the reward and the collection of the tag.

You can also contact directly the Tagging Recovery Officers (TRO) in your country to get the reward and to provide recapture information.

If you want to have more information concerning tag recovery, see the recovery documents.

Tag details

Tag number :: Provide tag number
Date when tag found :: Date when the tag has been found on the fish (DD/MM/YYYY)
Species :: Species of the fish on which the tag has been found
Tag type :: Type of the tag
Conventional tag Archival tag Sonic tag

Fish catch information

Date caught :: Date when the tagged fish has been effectively caught (DD/MM/YYYY)
Latitude :: Latitude where the tagged fish was caught (Example:0150.659S)
Longitude :: Longitude where the tagged fish was caught (Example: 15125.358E)
->To draw recovery positions (point, area, track)

Fish Size information

For length(cm) :: Length of the fish in cm

Length accuracy :: Provide information on how the fish has been measured
Who :: role of the person who has measured the tagged fish
Weight (Kg) :: Provide the weight of the fish in Kg

Weight accuracy :: Provide information on how the fish has been weighted
Fish state when weighed :: Record the state of the fish when it was weighed

Fishery details

Vessel name :: Name of the vessel which has caught the tagged fish
Vessel flag :: The vessel’s country of registration
Fishing method :: The fishing method used to catch the tagged fish
Where was it found? :: Where was the tagged fish when the tag was found
Activity when found? :: What was the vessel/crew staff doing when the tagged fish was found?
Well number :: identifier of the well when found during transhipment or transfert

Carrier details

Carrier name :: Name of the carrier where the tagged fish was transfered
Carrier flag :: The carrier’s country of registration
Date of transhipment :: Date when the tagged fish has been transfered on a carrier (DD/MM/YYYY)
Latitude :: Latitude of the transhipment position (Example:0150.659S)
Longitude :: Longitude the transhipment position (Example: 15125.358E)

Finder details

Port of recovery :: Port where the recovery was reported
Email :: Your email is important for us to know who to send tag return rewards to
Thanks for your participation!!!