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Tagging cruises | Recovery & reward

Tagging methods

Conventional tagging


Dr Leroy and Dr Hampton from SPC in action.


The fish after being caught using a handline, is carried carefully to the nearest cradle. It is then measured, identified using a voice recorder and a yellow conventional tag is placed behind its second dorsal fine. In order to facilitate the tagging process, tags are ordered by number and put in a wooden rack.


Electronic tagging


Dr Leroy from SPC and Dr Itano from the University of Hawaii placing an archival tag


The fish is carefully brought onboard using the sling, his eyes covered with a shammy rag, slowly de-hooked and a sea water flow is placed in its mouth. The tagging operation itself  (incision in ventral wall, insertion of the archival tag, insertion of a orange conventional tag to indicate the presence of an electronic tag, applying two sutures) generally took around one-two minutes before releasing the tuna.


Tagging cruises

PNGTP TAO trial Cruise #2


A short movie about the latest TAO trial cruise in July 2016 in the PNG waters

Central Pacific cruise #10


A short movie about the latest CP cruise in August 2014 with tagging experiments on drifting FADs

PNG tagging project


A short movie about the latest PNG tuna tagging cruise in Jan-Mar 2012. Project funded by PNG NFA and jointly undertaken with SPC's Oceanic Fisheries Programme.


Central pacific cruise no.6


A 8min movie shot during the Central pacific cruise no.6 (CP6) in October 2011 between Tonga, Kiribati and Wallis & Futuna waters.


Recovery & reward

Tuna Tag reward movie