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People from different countries and organisations are involved into the Pacific Tuna Tagging Program.


At SPC (Secretariat of the Pacific Community), professionals involved are:

  • Bruno Leroy: Tagging cruise leader, participating to almost all the Western Pacific tagging cruises and considered as the "Crazy tagger"
  • Helene Ixeco: in charge of processing tag recoveries received at SPC and verifying paiement of rewards
  • Nathalie Lemesle: assists in the validation of the recoveries
  • John Hampton: Leads the Oceanic Fisheries Program at SPC and is in charge of  managing tagging projects. He has participated to the historical tagging projects in the 80's.
  • Marc Ghergariu : IT officer in charge of collecting, processing and disseminating data related to tagging.
  • Simon Nicol : Leads the Fisheries Ecosystem Monitoring & Analysis section, in charge of  managing tagging projects.
  • Francois Roupsard: Biological sampling technician. Participates in the last tagging cruises as a keen tagger.
  • Caroline Sanchez who is our tag recovery coordinator officer. She communicate regularly with all the tag recovery officers and she goes often to the field to meet fisheries agencies, boats, fisheries staff and observers. More details about Caroline and her work in this article about Woman Ocean Leader.

Project Consultant/Coordinator:

  • Tony Lewis:  Participated in the earlier projects in the 70's, 80's and 90's, and formerly head of the Oceanic Fisheries Program at SPC; brought this experience to assist planning and provide overall cordination of the project; despite his advancing years, apparently tagged more fish than anyone else and  participated in most tagging cruises; fondly known as Yoda by the team.

In Hawaii (University of Hawaii):

  • David Itano: former fisheries scientist for the Oceanic Fisheries program at SPC when he served as Cruise Leader during the RTTP. Contracted by SPC as tagging Cruise Leader for several PTTP tagging cruises and lead tagging cruises CP-1 and CP-4. PTTP Tag Recovery Officer based in Hawaii.

In Papua New Guinea (National Fisheries Authority):

  • Brian Kumasi
  • Thomas Usu

At IATTC (Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission):

  • Kurt Schaefer
  • Dan Fuller