Reward You have found an SPC tag. You deserve a reward:

- 10 US$ or a cap or a tee shirt for a conventional tag.
- 50 US$ for a sonic tag
- 250 US$ for an archival or a satellite tag

Please provide all the information concerning the recovery of the tag using the Recovery on-line form.

You can also download the Recovery paper form.

You can also contact the Tag Recovery Officer (TRO) in your country.

Thanks for your participation

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Find a Tag Recovery Officer (TRO) close to you and get the reward for the tag you found. Contact details are available. Find a TRO.

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Explore tagging cruises, tag releases and recoveries, track of tunas on a globe.

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From the first tagging projects back in the 70's up to now, discover the history of tagging in the Pacific Ocean: Read article...

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Journal: The life on board of a tagging boat

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Information for monitoring and understanding our tuna stocks

Welcome to the Pacific Tuna Tagging online information resource.

The website provides up to date information on the progress of tagging experiments that have been implemented in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean by SPC.  

If you have found a tag, click on the “found a tag” tab above and you will be provided with instructions on how to return the found tag to SPC and obtain a reward for participating in the project.

Tuna tagging has been a core activity of the Oceanic Fisheries Programme for the last 30 years and the information derived from tagging experiments is critically important for assessing the current status of tuna stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean and understanding their ecology.

In 2006 the Pacific Tuna Tagging Programme commenced with activities concentrated over the entire equatorial Western and Central Pacific Ocean.  It is tagging skipjack, yellowfin and bigeye tuna with both conventional and electronic tags.

This is the largest tagging program undertaken to monitor tuna stocks.  Read more...