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The first large scale conventional tuna tagging experiments started in 1977 until 1981 (Skipjack Survey Assessment Project-SSAP), then from 1989 to 1992 (Regional Tuna Tagging Project-RTTP).


At the time, these projects had generated data for "snap-shot" assessments of the skipjack and yellowfin stocks, but more limited information on bigeye. The next tagging episode took place in 1999, until 2003.This time, the Oceanic Fisheries Programme and the Marine Research Laboratory of CSIRO (Australia) worked together on a bigeye tuna archival tagging project in the Coral Sea off Australia's north-east coast. This project involved for the first time the release of both electronic and conventional tags.


In 2006 the Pacific Tuna Tagging Programme (PTTP) commenced with activities concentrated in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands waters and is tagging all three tropical species. This has been followed by numerous tagging cruises in the Central Tropical Pacific as well as in the Western Tropical Pacific.  Like the bigeye tuna archival tagging project this has included the release of a mix of conventional and electronic tags.