Conventional tagging


Dr Leroy and Dr Hampton from SPC in action.


The fish after being caught using a handline, is carried carefully to the nearest cradle. It is then measured, identified using a voice recorder and a yellow conventional tag is placed behind its second dorsal fine. In order to facilitate the tagging process, tags are ordered by number and put in a wooden rack.

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50 000ème marque

Récompense d’un pêcheur de Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée pour la 50 000ème marque récupérée sur un thonidé 50000_tag

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Overview of photos collected during all the tagging cruises...


Lotteries are run in the Pacific countries to reward tag finders.

The lotteries are part of the awareness program to increase interest on tag recoveries and highlight  the importance for the tag finders to participate to the biggest tagging program in the Pacific Ocean.


In November 2014, a lottery was run in Philippines and Papua new Guinea  with 5 winners and a bigger price of 1078 USD.


The 5 winners provided information on their background, the use of the reward and about the tagging project:

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